Categories: Travelogue

by chris


I’d been looking forward to this first foray out with ‘White Lady’ in 2023 with the promise of a tasty Sunday carvery at the Ludham Kings Arms.

Everything started well but after about half an hour into the trip, the newly re-conditioned engine started missing and when opening the throttle, a backfire or two. Although annoying, we returned to Ranworth to explore a little further and fortunately our saviour ‘Martin’ was in the area to provide some pointers. A little tweaking of the fuel mixture, light scrub of the plugs and confirmation that all was well under the rocker cover and we were on our way again, albeit an hour later than planned for. Fortunately the Kings Arms was able to accommodate us and we managed to get to Womack Staithe without any more surprises. Martin was nearby with his Freeman 22 MK1 ‘Wey Rambler’ should we have got into trouble.

The weather was clear, not too windy but very cold. What struck me were the ghostly white heads of the reeds in a low, watery sunlight which the pictures below give no justice to. There were a few boats out, lots under sail enjoying a reasonably clear river to play on before the mayhem starts again in the spring.

The return trip went smoothly and we arrived in daylight to what was a great appetizer to the season ahead.

What was apparent is the boat could use a jolly good scrub but I’ll have to leave that until the water is turned back on at out moorings in March.