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by chris


With a small weather window on a Sunday in March, myself and my daughter took the opportunity to make a dash from Ranworth to the Ludham Kings Arms via Womack Staithe before silly season gets going in April were all hope of picking up an impromtu mooring there is lost.

This is perhaps no bad thing as easy pub and mooring access during the winter is good compensation for the cold and gives you something different to look forward to ‘out of season’.

Our boating companions on Wey Rambler, a Freeman 22 MKI were also out on a Sunday jolly so were able to take a few snaps along the way. The boat is still filthy and will continue to be until we have water on our berth to wash down with on early April, so the pictures here are definitely not ‘Broker shots’ !

For people following our technical adventures, we do have a minor issue needing rectification which is the poorly designed throttle linkage from the dashboard to the carb making it very difficult to adjust for a precise idle as the arc of the lever effectively has 1/3rd of it’s travel as a dead spot despite the dash being at a bit of an angle. I’m trying to decide whether to limit the lever travel to a point where there is no ‘dead spot’ or even switch the classic lever for something a little more precise. I’ll try some more adjustment first.