Categories: Technical

by chris


A small upgrade this time. My Ford Pre-crossflow engine (105E Kent) originally comes with an oil pump/filter assembly which has a lower cannister which holds a replicable filter. This cannister is held in place by a bolt served through the top of the pump which draws the filter cannister tight against a flat rubber sealing ring.

60 years of oil changes conducted by everything from experts to monkeys had resulted in the cannister bolt becoming well used and worn with little thread left to create a tight seal (although it did manage to).

It was suggested to me to fit an adaptor to this pump which allows a spin-on filter to be used however I preferred the idea of replacing the whole pump armature for a unit which would normally be used on the later ‘Crossflow’ engine. As the pumps are compatible, this is what I did.

White Lady was also due an oil change, post engine re-build so I killed two birds with one stone, using the recommended SAE30 single grade engine oil with a good dose of Lucas Oil Stabiliser. The oil stabiliser could be bordering on being ‘snake oil’ however there is a substantial body of evidence which suggests it’s the real deal. In effect, it makes the oil a bit more sticky, allowing it to remain in the engine bores and other bearing surfaces particularly with the engine not being used daily. We shall see, but it should reduce any remaining blow-by I have and reduce wear on cold starts.