Categories: Technical

by chris


What are you going to do to keep momentum up when you’re waiting for parts to be machined ? …paint everything else blue !

Although it’s purely cosmetic, having gone to so much trouble to re-build the engine, it would be a shame not to use the opportunity to repaint the block, manifolds, oil pan and oil filter housing.

Preparation entailed several de-greasings, lots of wire brushing, a bit if sanding and more de-greasing with a dash of masking.

I’ve used a single part high temperature enamel and opted for paint on rather than aerosol as it’s arguably less messy with overspray, better value for money with less propellant and several reviews suggested the brushed paint was more durable.

Of course I suffered a couple of minor runs, but it’s an engine in a box in the dark most of the time. Sure, it’s not the original Watermota colour either but equally the boat isn’t a museum piece.

While I was at it, a spot of Danboline in the bilges wasn’t a bad idea either.